Lens Selection

Lens Selection

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Polarized Lens


VLT 16%

Provide protection in bright light conditions. Polarized filtration eliminates glare and reduces eye fatigue. Good for all outdoor applications.

Variable Tint Lens

Variable Tint

VLT 16%/89%

Chemically react to UV rays, darkening when outdoors and transitioning back to original tint when indoors. Good for indoor and outdoor applications.

Silver Mirror Lens

Silver Mirror

VLT 10%

Reflect light in birght conditions, offering an exceptionally low level of visible light transmission. Good for bright outdoor applications.

Colored Mirror Lens

Colored Mirror

VLT 12%

Reflect light in bright conditions while providing glare reduction.With precision lens coating, colored mirror lenses also block blue light for a sharper, clearer view.

Smoke Lens


VLT 16%

Provide excellent protection from bright sunlight without causing distortion of colors. Good for outdoor applications.

Brown Lens


VLT 12%

Block blue light and bright sunlight for a crisp clear view while reducing eye fatigue. Good for bright outdoor applications.

Indoor/Outdoor Lens


VLT 50%

Light flash mirror coating allows for 50% light transmission: dark enough to reduce bright sunlight outdoors and still light enough to be worn indoors.

Clear Lens


VLT 89%

High level of light transmission while blocking harmful UV rays. Good for indoor and low light applications.

Yellow Lens


VLT 80%

Enhanced brightness of visible light while blocking low levels of blue light. Good for low light applications.

Light blue

VLT 67%

Filter out yellow light, decreasing eye fatigue and enhancing clarity. Good for environments that have incandescent and fluorescent lighting.


VLT 70%

Enhanced brightness of visible light while blocking mid-range levels of blue light. Goo for low light applications.

Indoor/Outdoor Copper

VLT 52%

A light copper base with flash mirror coating enhances the brightness of visible light, while also being dark enough to be worn outdoors.