FrogWear® Supported Cotton-Lined Blue Flexible Natural Rubber Latex Gloves - 212


These gloves are constructed of flexible natural rubber latex on an interlock liner. They are 12-inches long with a suede finish. The rubber gives great dexterity and grip. They are also treated with Sanitized® to minimize bacteria that would lead to odors.

  • Natural rubber latex gloves are resistant to a variety of chemicals
  • Sanitized® treated liner to reduce bacteria which cause smell and can lead to dermatitis
  • Interlock knit cotton liner helps absorb perspiration
  • Curved-finger, contoured, blue palm, excellent fit
  • Launderable
  • Gauntlet cuff allows for easy donning and removal plus extra forearm protection
  • EN 388 Levels: 4131X
  • EN 407 Levels: X2XXXX
  • EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A: AKLMNPST

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  • Construction
  • Fishing
  • Glass Handling
  • Masonry
  • Painting
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Farming
More Information
Brand FrogWear®
Sizes 7(S)-10(XL)
Industry Agricultural Chemicals, Farming, Fishing, Glass Handling, Masonry, Sheet Metal Work, Construction, Painting, Food Processing
Color Blue
Coating Double Rubber Latex
Coating Color Blue
Coating Type Full
Cuff Gauntlet
EN 388 Levels 4131X
EN 407 Levels X2XXXX
EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A AKLMNPST
Finish Suede
Length 12 in.
Liner Knit Cotton Interlock
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