The Sawfish™ BH2679PFT from Bullhead Safety® Eyewear

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Stylish frames meet ultimate features in the new Sawfish™ BH2679PFT from Bullhead Safety® Eyewear. Polarized blue mirror lenses are coated with a water washable, hydrophilic anti-fog coating that is permanently bonded to the lenses.

This Performance Fog Technology coating absorbs moisture and spreads it consistently, providing clear, fog-free vision in any circumstance. In addition to outstanding protection and performance, the Sawfish™ BH2679PFT has a corner on comfort and style as well. The strong tortoise to black frames are tested to ANSI Z87+ standards and compete with popular high-end eyewear brands in look and feel. All eyewear from Bullhead Safety® is meticulously designed to provide a three-point fit that relieves pressure and 100% visual acuity, preventing distortion and eye strain. Wear Sawfish™ eyewear all day, at work or play, for the best in comfort, protection and performance.

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