Global Glove Panther Guard Disposable Nitrile Glove Styles with Patented Feature

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You may have noticed that Panther Guard disposable Nitrile Gloves Products #905PF (High Vis Orange) and #965BPF (Black) have a US Patent listed on their product sheets and on the website.

You are probably wondering what is US Patent 779, 130.

The patent is on the special tractor-tread gripper tread on the ambidextrous glove. The patented tread design provides enhanced gripping ability and helps to channel away liquid so that grip may be increased in wet dry and oily applications.

With so many different textured grips on the market that are like sand paper or diamond or fishscale patterns, you cannot mistake this grip for any of the others. Grips such as this are normally found only on hand specific (left and right) gloves. This patented design allows ambidextrous selection with the same gripping pattern on both sides of the hand for all around superior grip.

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