Safe For Food Handling Gloves

Are general purpose gloves a great alternative to disposable gloves in food handling? Yes! They meet FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 for Aqueous and Fatty Foods handling and can provide additional protection and grip when compared to other glove types.

1 year ago

CDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Guidelines

Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing is here to meet the needs of protecting the citizens of our country from exposure to a new and frightening hazard. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has affected our country in a way no other hazard ever has. In a time when cities and states are in shutdown mode and schools are furloughed for the rest of this school year, the need for Personal Protective Equipment has never been greater.

1 year ago

Disposable Gloves: Is There a Difference Between Medical Grade and Industrial Grade Gloves?

In the Industrial workplace, the overall answer is no difference. The gloves are generally made on the exact same machines with the exact same formulation and, therefore, the same performance. So, for use in general work environments in tasks such as food service, janitorial, automotive, manufacturing, assembly, poultry or agricultural applications, you can use either a disposable glove labeled as “Industrial Use Only” or a disposable glove labeled as “Medical Examination” glove.

1 year ago

The Opioid Crisis: Global PPE Recommendations for First Responders Protection from Fentanyl Compounds

With the Opioid epidemic spreading across our country, law enforcement and EMS personnel are facing a new danger. Synthetic Opioids are highly toxic organic solid compounds found as powders, liquids, nasal sprays and pills. Many reports of overdose from incidental contact have created an outcry for protection protocols for first responders.

1 year ago

The Comfort Factor: Striking the Balance in Hand Protection Development

Technology revolutionizes every facet of our lives. From faster computers to Internet-based businesses and digital storefronts, the information revolution continues to outpace society’s ability to keep up. In the hand protection segment of the occupational safety market, technology has helped produce protective gloves made of breakthrough polymers, fabrics, and fibers. Advances in glove manufacturing have delivered protection from chemicals, cuts, heat and cold unimaginable a little more than a decade ago. More importantly, advances in fiber, fabrics and glove liners have created lighter, more comfortable gloves.

2 years ago