About Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing Inc

Global Glove and Safety Manufacturing, Inc. started its journey in 2003 when Craig Wagner decided to throw his hat into hand protection ring. Having developed solid partnerships with suppliers, Craig’s reputation as a tough, but honest businessperson set the standard for Global Glove’s success.

From the beginning, GGS has understood the critical importance of adapting to continual changes in the marketplace. With the success of hand protection products, GGS expanded and added product lines, such as high-visibility safety wear, to better service the needs of their distributor partners. In addition to expanded product lines, hand protection also grew and expanded as the technology to make more comfortable, protective gloves became available. Moving beyond simple chore and leather gloves, GGS now offers cut, impact, heat and cold resistant hand protection solutions.

Expanding lines to include branded and innovative products allowed GGS to find less competition and products with higher growth potential. By taking advantage of GGS branded products at lower costs, distributors can become more profitable.

Ten years after founding GGS, having served the glove industry for almost three decades, Craig Wagner became the youngest member ever inducted to the International Glove Association (IGA) Hall of Fame. His dedication to hand protection innovation has been uniquely instrumental in the growth and evolution of the ever-changing safety industry. His passion for safety, specifically hand protection, has been a cornerstone of success for GGS.

In 2013, while enjoying the 10th anniversary of the company, Bullhead Safety Eyewear was added to the company and GGS’ line of products started to expand. Based on the three-part foundation of comfort, protection and performance, Bullhead Safety pioneered new eyewear styles that workers actually wanted to wear.

Grounded in the belief that safety is the highest priority, today’s safety equipment manufacturer must factor in a worker’s need for self-expression and social identity on the job. High-end, comfort-fit designs and a variety of colors and styles from Bullhead Safety meet the needs of workers to express themselves while ensuring they conform to PPE standards.

Today, GGS offers a full lineup of personal protective equipment ranging from hand and eye protection to safety wear, head protection, ice traction, accessories and more. With decades of combined safety experience and a proactive, knowledgeable sales team, GGS is a major player in the safety industry that continues to flex and adapt to changing markets and distributor needs.


Independently owned and operated, we compete genuinely with other safety manufacturers who must stay competitive within a conglomerate. This means lower costs, lower overhead and lower prices to the distributor and end user. As an independent company, our local support teams and cost-saving innovation are uniquely positioned to give you an advantage in the PPE market.

Our knowledgeable sales team consists of over 200 combined years of safety experience. We deliver answers, not excuses.


Vertical integration, our partnership with the largest glove plant in China, allows us to cut costs and offer innovation and competitive branded commodities. Keeping communications flexible with distributors and end users allows us to seek improvements in availability. Our proprietary process and patents, large-scale operation, in-house R&D and in-house technical management of quality all result in outstanding performance in our products.

Our customers are on the front lines, using our products, and here at Global Glove we find their input crucial to our product development. All of our products are designed with carefully thought-out features and benefits derived directly from customer input.


As we strive for constant innovation and product expansion, we become more effective in providing a variety of solutions for our current distributors. Continuous growth allows us to react quickly and respond to an ever-changing marketplace. We exceed our customers’ expectations. By developing strategic alliances with carefully selected suppliers, we offer the best value in PPE products without compromising the steadfast quality and consistency you expect.